Hanna Schmidtman Photography

Adventurous portrait photographer based in Denver, CO



cat-mom || weekend warrior || will pay extra for avocado

I’m a natural light adventure and portrait photographer based in Tempe, Arizona. My photography journey began to document my travels and reassure my family that I wasn’t too lost. During my free time I have two speeds: wilderness backpacking / mountain biking OR “do you think I can convince my cat to deliver me snacks from the fridge to the couch?”. There is no in between. My favorite people wade through rivers, cherish their scars, laugh at silly jokes, and exude that wild carelessness even when properly showered.

I’m all about making your session an experience of self confidence and fun. If you are looking for a photographer to share trail stories, groan-worthy puns, and Netflix recommendations while capturing your authentic moments in images you love, I’d love to connect!



  • At any given moment, I have approximately 20 million web browser tabs open planning our upcoming adventures [Iceland and Grand Canyon R2R, currently].
  • I’ll be attending private pilot license ground school in July!
  • That handsome fella is Seth. Our love story starts with an invitation to “Drag Nasty” (apparently short for Dragon Dynasty) and have been dorky together ever since.
  • My 35mm film camera is an Olympus OM-1. No, the light meter does not work.
  • I prefer cacti over flowers.
  • “The One Where No One is Ready” is the best Friend’s episode – ask me why.
  • Goal: visit all the U.S National Parks (5 of 59 so far)
  • Wes Anderson films are the best for sick days.