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Anna and Joe – Couples Photography with Dog in Phoenix

Image of couple sitting with their golden retriever dog.

Rain + 11 month old puppy = perfect Christmas card photos! Anna and Joe contacted me for couples photography with their dog in Phoenix to celebrate their first Christmas with Nash.

It has been a rainy season in Arizona, so we kept a close watch on the forecast the day of their session. We determined most of the weather had passed and we would continue the session – the only logistical hurdle left was to prevent Nash (and his favorite people) from getting covered in mud! Photography comes with a lot of creativity and artistry, but also a lot of on-the-fly problem solving. Drizzling rain and a dog meant that we needed some “special sauce” to help out with this session. I brought an extra pair of hands (Thanks Seth) to restrain/bribe Nash (depending on the need) and an extra blanket so no one would get wet. Ultimately, everything went great!

Anna and Joe are originally from New York but are currently Arizona transplants. It goes without saying that they handled the chilly weather like pros. Anna is a local hair dresser in Phoenix. You can find her work on her instagram !

If you are a fellow dog…really any animal lover and want to make sure your fuzzy friend is featured in your photographs, let’s chat! I’ll be putting together a guide soon on tips to ensure a great photography experience with your dog! Can’t wait to do more couples photography with dogs coming up (I think the cats will understand)!