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Dalton and Sarah – Mesa Proposal and Engagement

Man proposes to woman in front of helicopter

When Michelle, a fellow photographer, reached out with a special mission, I was game. Her friend, Dalton, was in the 13th hour of his proposal planning and we were going to capture it. Are you ready for his elaborate plans and the Mesa epic proposal and engagement photographs?

Dalton’s proposal plan was pretty spectacular. Around 4 o’clock on a beautiful Friday evening, they arrived at Canyon State Aero at Mesa’s Falcon Field. They signed waivers in the office and were given their safety review (meanwhile we photographers were hiding just around the corner in a conference room!) They then boarded a HELICOPTER for a sunset tour over the Superstition mountains and the Salt River and the various lakes in the area! I can only imagine the views. Half an hour later, they returned to the hangar where we approached them to ask for “pictures for the tour website with the helicopter!” Of course they were willing. As soon as I raised the camera to take pictures, Dalton dropped to one knee with the ring box! Of course she said yes!

We then quickly whisked them off to take some engagement style images… With a helicopter! Of course, we moved them into some beautiful lighting, but it happened to be an active taxi-way. We asked Ron, the owner of Canyon State Aero, if we could be over there. “As long as no aircraft are over there or you might want to jump out of the way if one comes!” He responded – Got it, Ron! Luckily, no planes or “choppahs” interrupted this couple while they were twirling, dipping, and two stepping their way through this proposal/engagement session.

We were running out of light for pictures and the sky turned a beautiful cotton candy pink, and Dalton had more in store for this evening-long surprise! Dalton was military and, as a family hobby, they enjoy sport shooting. Back at the truck he surprised her with a new rifle! She may have been more excited about that than the ring. They then loaded up into their vehicles to head for a fancy dinner and continue their engagement celebration!

Phew! Dalton really went above (literally) and beyond with this four course proposal! How did you get engaged? Leave a comment below! If you haven’t proposed yet, and have put this level of planning and effort into that special moment make sure to hire a professional photographer to capture that perfect reaction. If your proposal plans happen to be in the Phoenix area, contact me!