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Sedona Engagement Session – Kristin and Evan

“You’re going to bust into flames!” I noted to Evan who had layered up: under shirt, button down, sport coat, and his REI puffy. Sure, it was a chilly for their Sedona Engagement pictures, but we still had a literal mountain to climb. The trail included 800 ft of climbing in the next three quarters of a mile. AND we needed to hustle to make up for running late. Kristin shoved her dress and sandals into the backpack and clipped Ellie into her harness.

“She’s good with the climbs and cliffs and everything, right?”

“Oh yea! She’s been up Flat Iron! She’s a better hiker than any of us.” Kristin replied about the 35 lb, 10 year old “pup”, Ellie.

We were running behind schedule because of the time spent playing at location one: West Fork Trail. We dedicated a good portion of our “adventure session” there because it is where Evan proposed to Kristin! He conscripted Kristin’s family in on the surprise and prepared under the guise of family photos. Evan worked nights at the time, so he “wouldn’t be able to make it”. Little did she know, he rented a truck from Phoenix and was waiting for her at the bridge! Evan decided to propose at West Fork Trail because it was their first overnight backpacking trip together! Sedona engagement pictures simply made sense for them!

Cathedral Rock is a popular Sedona trail because of the towering red spire of rocks and the westward overlook. It’s a perfect location for sunsets all year round! Due to our delays in Oak Creek, it was important to make good time to the top for our second location. No sweat. Despite the mild rock scrambling (and a few Ellie air-lifts), we made it to the “end of trail” sign in about 25 minutes.

That gave us plenty of time to catch our breath, shed some layers, and change into picture-appropriate attire. We snapped a few images along the red rock cliffs and watched the sun dip below the horizon. The return trip was a tad sketchy, as we raced the last bits of light back to the car and donned headlamps down the trail. We finished off our epic Sedona engagement session splitting pizzas and chatting about their weddings planning (and everything else).

If ta day of hiking, dancing, and pizza sound like the vibe you want for your engagement session: LET’S FREAKIN CHAT. As a photographer, this is one of my favorite ways to celebrate and get to know my clients!

11 thoughts on “Sedona Engagement Session – Kristin and Evan

  1. WOW talk about an epic Sedona location for engagement photos! And that sweet little doggo!! These are so dreamy and absolutely beautiful!

  2. I love dogs. I love great locations. I love happy couples. Now I got all of them on your lovely images from a fantastic photo session. 🙂

    1. Right? I think Cathedral at sunset gets all the attention, but they proposed at West Fork so we HAD to visit. I love her sandals even though they’re walking on/next to ice still!

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